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Identity Manchester design and print all of our t shirts, sweats and hoodies at our own printing facility. Have a look at our unique and original collections of digitally printed t shirts for men and women, as well as our printed sweatshirts and printed front pocket hoodies - all featuring our original designs. Some are familiar classics from 25 years ago, like the iconic 'On the sixth day...' t shirts, right up to our original t shirts and designs worn by Ian Brown and other local Mancunian celebrities.

We've collections that include Football t shirts, Northern Soul classics, Ian Tilton photographs, B Movie t shirts and many others. And our range of collections is growing as long as our creativity for new digital designs can keep up! We're now featuring our Ape Sht collection which was recently launched at the  Bangkok Bar, Princess Street Manchester in partnership with Floor Rippers! This collection features our exclusive digibeanies, sweats, t shirts and hoodies, and digitally printed bucket hats.

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We can digitally print any design onto t shirts and other garments, the possibilities are endless. Please keep coming back to see our latest products and unique t shirts for men and women, or visit our printing site if you would like more information.