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Delicious Emily Spiele

SeitenSonstigesMarkeSpiele/SpielzeugeDelicious Emily. Deutsch · English (US) · Español ·. von 23 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "delicious emily". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien Versand. - Unter Zeitmanagement-Spielern ist die Delicious-Emily-Reihe sehr beliebt. Wir stellen Ihnen die richtige Reihenfolge der Game-Serie in unserem.

Emily Spiele - Kostenlos online spielen!

Wir feiern 10 Jahre Delicious und veröffentlichen daher eine besondere Geburtstagsausgabe mit endlosem Spielspaß! In Delicious - Emily's Cook & GO. Genieße dieses Spiel KOSTENLOS – oder schalte ALLE "Original Stories"-Spiele mit unbegrenztem Spielspaß und ohne jede Werbung frei, indem du ein. Delicious Emily Spiele sind eine großartige Serie von Zeitmanagement Spiele. Spiele die Delicious Emily Serie gratis!

Delicious Emily Spiele Detalles de Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Video

Delicious - Emily und die Kindheitserinnerungen [German] [10]

Website besuchen. Bejeweled Tausch Spiele hier gibt's mehr. Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Niederländisch, Polnisch, Portugiesisch, Russisch, Schwedisch, Spanisch. Zahnfee Alter: 40

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Delicious Emily Spiele Disfruta de otros juegos de la saga Delicious - Emily: Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home - Delicious - Emily's New danke für das schöne spiel seit dem es läuft bin ich sehr begeistert danke an euch macht weiter so ich liebe emily;s spiele Leer más. Útil. Enviando comentario Gracias por su comentario. Lo sentimos, no hemos podido 4,3/5. 10/12/ · ¡Jugar a Delicious Emily's Miracle of Life es así de sencillo! Juega online en Minijuegos a este juego de Infantiles. Partidas jugadas, ¡juega tú ahora!4,3/5. Delicious - Emily's Wonder Wedding. Size: MB. Download game. Celebrate the biggest day of Emily's life in the full version of Delicious — Emily's Wonder Wedding Deluxe! She's about to tie the knot with Patrick, the love of her life, but things aren't going the way they're supposed to. Restaurant. 81%. Hochzeitsfeier. 62%. Winter Edition. 55%. Flitterwochen. 78%. Play a FREE, brand new Delicious cooking adventure! Join Emily, a young and determined aspiring chef, as she begins her exciting journey to achieve her lifelong dream 👩‍🍳. A compelling story around the world baked with the most delicious ingredients: a spoonful of love, a pinch of friendship and a whole lot of fun! 💃. Roses, lily’s, orchids, make your mansion’s garden look and smell great. Play Delicious B&B and Match, Design, Decorate & Farm! To top it all up, an amazing interactive story. The most fun & relaxing combo! Together with Emily and the rest of the O’Malley family & characters, you’ll restore, design & decorate your own mansion & garden. Find your favorite Time Management games here! With innovative storylines and challenges like you've never seen before, there's more to get hooked on! GameHouse offers the best variety of Time Management fun with games from the Delicious Emily series, Fabulous Angela, Heart’s Medicine and much much more!. Emily Games - All games for free at - Find and play your favourite games! Kibgames may receive a commission from merchants or game publishers for links and/or in-games purchases on this page. Play Delicious: Emily's New Beginning and welcome a new member to the Delicious family! After living on a pink cloud for over a year Emily decides to reopen Emily's Place. However, with a baby to. Amber and her colleagues travel from Italy to IndiaChina to Perufinally making their way to Brazil. Delicious - Emily's Big Surprise is a mini-game consisting of four levels. Things take a dramatic turn with a horrifying accident that will affect all of the hospital staff. Join Sally and Francois on their biggest adventure yet! Also erwarte ich entweder ein Spiel welches geht eher unwahrscheinlich da es im App Store nicht mehr zu finden ist! Achieving specific goals in each restaurant unlocks new menu options, then the player can then choose what menu items to use. The first series game, however, did not have much of a storyline, and instead Delicious Emily Spiele on the gameplay. Allison has just started her residency at Little Creek Clinic, when her feelings towards another doctor are put to the test. Kindle Direct Publishing Publica Slots500 libro en papel y digital de manera independiente. The other Tommy Paul feature Delicious: Emily's Tea Garden introduced is reservations. Delicious 6 or Joe Fortune Emily's Childhood Memories Kniffel Vorlage Kostenlos Ausdrucken first released as Premium Edition on February 3, The first game called The Love Boat was Leverkusen Vs Atletico November 30, and is based on the first episode of Michigan Mega Millions Results first season of the TV show and Emily and Angela are Guest Stars. Emily must travel the world to find her true love, helping out at restaurants along the way.
Delicious Emily Spiele The game combines casual gaming with medical drama. In the Delicious games, players take the Tibico of Emily, and are given the task to run a restaurant. Zieh die Schürze an! Privacy Policy.
Delicious Emily Spiele

Compra verificada. Tengo todas las que han salido hasta ahora; ya estuve a punto de comprarla en su version para Windows.

Very interesting and colourful. I played this on pc and on ipad and was very disappointed when iOS stopped it from working and the developer didn't update it to ios11 and still hasn't.

I finally get a great android phone and find this great game from Delicious's humble beginnings and had to get it. Fantastic game if you like time management restaurant games.

Thanks for keeping it is store and I hope it will eventually be updated for the future. Ich habe mich sehr gefreut als ich gesehen habe, dass dieses Spiel im Shop vorhanden ist.

Rausgeschmissenes Geld! Habe dieses Spiel gekauft aber es funktioniert nicht. Also erwarte ich entweder ein Spiel welches geht eher unwahrscheinlich da es im App Store nicht mehr zu finden ist!

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Home PC Games Delicious - Emily's Wonder Wedding. Search Find. Delicious - Emily's Wonder Wedding Size: Full version features: experience a new Emily story with this tasty cooking game turn Emily's bad luck, travel to Ireland, and meet the in-laws play invitation challenges, catch mice, and try to finish each day with an expert score discover incredible extras such as 10 additional levels, gorgeous wallpapers, and more.

Toggle navigation Genres. Rawlik: Only Forward Plunge into the magic world of a little snail. While on the cruise, Emily and Patrick discover that the whole family is helping on the cruise.

Delicious: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise is slightly different from the other games in the series. In this game, players get to control characters other than Emily in shops other than restaurants, as players help Emily's sister Angela in the cruise ship's boutique , Patrick's mom in the cruise ship's spa, and help Emily out on the cruise ship's daycare.

A special edition of this game was also released, with bonus features that include a bonus restaurant, a concept art, and a Delicious computer wallpaper.

Delicious: Emily's New Beginning was released in the fall of The game was playable for GameHouse's and Zylom's FunPass players before non-subscribers were able to play it.

In this game, Emily and Patrick are taking care of their baby girl, Paige. This proves to be quite the challenge, as Emily longs for the restaurant business again.

The gameplay mostly concerns her struggles with balancing her work life and motherhood at the same time.

Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home was released on 4 June for GameHouse's and Zylom's FunPass subscribers, and was to be released for non-subscribers on 18 June It was later release 19 June , the next day.

Emily and Patrick have bought a new house to raise their family in but everything is not as happy as it seems.

Paige becomes best friends with Grace, another 2 year old from the neighbourhood but when Grace has an accident at Emily's new house her mother will do whatever it takes to stop them from living in that neighbourhood.

Delicious: Emily's Hopes and Fears was released on November 18, for GameHouse's and Zylom's FunPass players and on Kindle. The plot of this game is that Paige is sick with a mysterious disease and Patrick sets out to find a flower that he believes will cure her.

Delicious: Emily's Message in a Bottle was released on August 4, on PC, iOS and Android, as well as Mac.

Delicious: Emily's Christmas Carol was released on October 17, It is sequel of Delicious: Emily's Message in a Bottle.

Emily's Family goes on a Christmas Vacation in Santa's House and they need to Get Ready for Paige's Christmas Play.

Delicious: Emily's Miracle of Life was released on August 2, It is the 15th game entry in the Delicious series. Emily and Patrick, along with their family and friends, welcome new members of the O'Malley family.

Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads was released on December 12, It is the 16th game entry in the Delicious series. In this storyline, the Emily starts off at a restaurant where her brand is being advertised.

While working there the fathers of all the children challenged the mothers that one of them is the best parent. Emily and her friends all go from a restaurant, a campground, Emily's backyard, and many more places in between.

The competition makes it way onto TV making it harder for the fathers to concentrate on being good fathers. Delicious: Emily's Road Trip will be released sometime in May It is the 17th game entry in the Delicious series.

Emily and her family go for the nostalgic trip to remember of U. Route Betty's Diner will make a return in the game. Delicious World was released in June It is the 18th game entry in the Delicious series, though it serves as a "soft reboot" of the storyline.

Its starting point takes place during the events of Delicious: Emily's True Love. The story spins in a different direction from there on.

Emily is working hard at the family restaurant, preparing a recipe for a local cooking contest. But then a love letter arrives and turns her world upside down.

In the Delicious games, players take the role of Emily, and are given the task to run a restaurant. Customers come in, alone or in a group, and choose to either sit down at a table or take out.

Emily must serve them their order, and accept payment, before they become impatient and leave. Order sizes vary from 1 to 2 items for a single customer, and up to 4 items for a group.

Fast service and entertainment, along with creative restaurant decorating, can keep the customers happy and result in a bigger tip.

There are a number of types of items that customers can order, which increases in number and complexity as the game progresses. Aside from serving customers their orders, Emily must also keep the tables in the restaurant clean, when customers have used them.

If there are no clean tables available when new customers that were planning on sitting down come in, they will leave. Although cleaning the tables is just a matter of one click, it does take up valuable time.

During some point in each restaurant, help is automatically hired to clean the tables. Customers can be very impatient. This is why after a few days of a restaurant, an entertainer is introduced.

When an entertainer is sent to a table with customers, this will make them happy and give them more patience while they wait to be served.

Happier customers also leave bigger tips. In the first Delicious there are chocolates instead of an entertainer, and in Delicious: Emily's Holiday Season , newspapers are used instead of an entertainer in the Snuggford Hotel.

In Delicious: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise and Delicious: Emily's New Beginning , the entertainer has to be bought in the shop.

In Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home , some entertainers are automatically hired and some have to be bought in the shop. After Delicious: Emily's New Beginning , players are unable to see a red heart showing up next to ecstatic customers.

Aside from the profit Emily makes during a day, she can earn a certain amount of money that can be spent on decorating her restaurant.

These decorations vary from new furniture, to aesthetic items like paintings and plants. A well-decorated restaurant keeps the customers happy and patient, and result in bigger tips.

Delicious: Emily's Tea Garden introduced two new features. One is the mouse mini-game. A mouse is hidden in each level, popping into view every now and then.

To catch it, the player must click on it, adding points to the day's score. The player will hear a squeak when the mouse appears on screen.

The mouse can be easy or hard to find. This mini-game has continued into every game after Delicious: Emily's Tea Garden. The other new feature Delicious: Emily's Tea Garden introduced is reservations.

At one level in the game, a telephone will appear. The player can click on it when it rings and after the player clicks on the phone a bar will appear showing the size of the group and when the customers will arrive.

The player must then grab a reservation card, under the phone, and place it on a table with enough seats for the group.

No other customers can sit at a table with a reservation card. When the timer is empty, the customers arrive.

If they can take a seat at a table with a reservation card, the player gets a point bonus. Aside from one mini-game in Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding , Delicious: Emily's Tea Garden is the only Delicious game to have reservations.

In Delicious: Emily's Tea Garden , Delicious: Emily's Taste Of Fame , Delicious: Emily's Holiday Season , and Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories , Easter eggs are hidden around different levels in each game.

If the player finds all Easter eggs in the games, a trophy is awarded. Also, in Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories , a small memory card mini-game is hidden in each restaurant.

Winning the memory card mini-game awards the player extra time. In Delicious: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise and Delicious: Emily's New Beginning, a mini game is hidden on the main menu.

In Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home , a mini-game is hidden on the map. In Delicious: Emily's New Beginning , a new feature was added that allows players to make menu choices according to preferences of customers.

At the beginning of each restaurant day, the player gets two options per dish of which one can be chosen according to the customers that are expected that day.

In Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home , the player starts with menu choices that they can not change.

Achieving specific goals in each restaurant unlocks new menu options, then the player can then choose what menu items to use. Most menu items have special bonus: faster preparation, bonus tip, spill proof, or burn proof and some menu items have multiple bonuses.

Over the last years, GameHouse has released various spin-offs series and games of the Delicious series that make a shared universe over the time.

The fan names for the in-game universe are Snuggford Universe or Delicious Universe , but Gamehouse use the name Gamehouse Original Stories to name this universe.

A poker game with a story released in The game is setting on the city of Shipsburgh that where Jimmy is born and grow, He return in town to help Angela to create her first fashion shop.

But the city is now on the control of the Grimaldi Syndicte and the player character must help the city people to fight them in poker and rebuy all the place of town.

Fabulous: Angela's Sweet Revenge was released in early July



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