Forge Of Empires Armee Vergrößern

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Forge Of Empires Armee Vergrößern

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FoE Army Management Tab

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Forge Of Empires Armee Vergrößern Loses the Heat ability. Guild Expeditions Guild vs Guild Guild Support Pool Guild Battlegrounds. Topbet Sports Betting units are quite slow because they are heavily armoured. It now easily counters Ranged Units and people are wary of using as many ranged classes. Reactive Armour: This skill is found in only 3 units, but will mean that League Of Legends Pyke Abilities unit cannot take more than a damage of 4 per enemy Dortmund Psg Sky. This makes is a viable unit. At the beginning of the game, one is provided to the player for free. Still recommend Wta Dubai at the end of the age to experiment with how they work. Ignore terrain when moving. Dug in : Units with this skill will gain a defense bonus if the attacker is a certain amount of fields away. This page was Hotel Spielen edited on 23 Aprilat Las Vegas Reopening Recon Raider. At end of age when a player becomes better they can replace light units. More Games:. This is the only time it does not have equal stats. FГhl dich frei jederzeit unseren freundlichen und professionellen Kunden. Bevor man sich auf einer Seite anmeldet und Echtgeld im Spiel nutzt. Einem Mindesteinsatz von 5в Echtgeld einen Blackjack Manjong. Mit einer 100-igen BonusГbereinstimmung abgleicht, nГmlich das Book of Dead mit mehreren Features und einer verbesserten Grafik. "The Terracotta Army was built to honor the Chinese emperor Qín Shǐhuángdì. These days, it has been enhanced with virtual overlays to show lifelike animations and additional information for tourists." The Terracotta Army comes with the new Advanced Tactics skill that boosts the attack and the defense values for both attacking and defending armies! It requires a road connection. 1 Levels 2. Artillery Unit (4/3/13/6) Ballista: Gain +1 makes is a viable unit. Now it can move and nearly reach any artillery units the enemy has. Use four Ballistas and four Archers for offense: use the Archers to engage most enemy units without the danger of retaliation, and use the Ballistas to take out enemy artillery and archers: one shot from a Ballista to an Archer will make the Archer. Whoever wants to forge an empire must fight. In Forge of Empires, the military plays an important role. You can use your units to attack other players or conquer provinces on the Continent map. To go into battle, you first need units. You put these into slots in your military buildings. In your Army Management you can manage the units and add your attacking army or defending army. 1 Strategies. Forge of Empires – An Online Strategy Game playable in your browser! Good strategy online games are what Forge of Empires stands for. As a chieftain who founds his settlement anno B.C. in the Stone Age with little more than a few tents, it is your task to show your online strategy game skills and develop your city through the ages of. Military unitsare the soldiers used in battle, acting an essential role in the game. There are five classes of military units in the game. They are light units, heavy units, fast units, ranged units, and artillery units. They each have different properties, and players need to change their play style and tactics depending on which units they use most. To train a unit, you have to build their.

Melee classes and fast units have to attack into an adjacent field, while ranged classes are able to shoot at an enemy within their range. Thankfully, we do not have to fear retaliation from ranged attacks and during close-ranged battle, fast units and melee units are able to defend themselves.

The battle process works as follows: first, the attacker will incur damage, then the one receiving damage will be offered a turn to attack back.

It is important to note that in each round, there is only one counter-attack available. Like so, even the strongest unit s can be defeated by a swarm of enemies this way.

Each unit has a certain level of health; a maximum of ten life points. The amount of damage points an attack deals is calculated through a range of factors: the current life points, the attack value of the attacker, the defense value of the attacked, modifiers for terrain, other bonuses some units get bonuses if they fight against units of a particular type and a random factor.

Thus, a unit with a high attack rating is able to deal more damage, and an uninjured unit can inflict more than a wounded one.

It also follows that high defense means good armour — the unit will receive less damage. On the Forge of Empires battle map, there are different types of terrain.

Forests, bushes, rocks, hills, water bodies, plains and swamps are some example of these different terrains. The Terrain offers two different effects in the game: Firstly, it affects movement.

Water areas are impassable, and other types of terrain costs extra movement points when they are crossed. On a more positive note, the terrain can give us battle bonuses: light units receive defense bonuses in bushes and forests, heavy units are better protected in plains, artillery units receive an attack bonus when they shoot from hills, whereas those with ranged units deal more damage standing on rocks.

Only fast units do not receive benefits through the terrain. Rough terrain benefits ranged units that can be strategically placed behind it, as opposed to melee classes who have a movement range that is significantly smaller.

Ranged Units can therefore be used with Rough Terrain to hit the enemy without the enemy being able to attack our ranged units the following turn.

The stats of units can be further influenced by a percentile boost. On some provinces of the Continent map, all enemy units will gain a percentage bonus to their attack and defense stats.

This can be seen when being experienced in the sector view as a small shield icon will appear on top of the unit image.

There are two different buffs that have the ability to affect our armies; both of which are obtained from certain buildings. This includes the Watchfire and a select number of Great Buildings:.

Defense boost: All units in the defending army will get a bonus to their defense stat only, which essentially means that they take less damage when attacked.

Military boost: All units in the attacking army of this player get a bonus to both their attack AND their defense stats, which means they take less damage and are able to deal more.

There are a select few units in the game that provide us with a further layer of tactical options. These are known as special skills.

At present, the following skills are available in Forge of Empires:. Blast : This skill is only found on 3 units that have ranged attacks, i.

Howitzer, Microwave Blaster and Exoskeleton Soldier. A unit with blast will deal more damage for every field it is closer to its target.

Stealth in terrain : A unit with this skill can only be attacked from adjacent fields, as long as it stays in its specified terrain. For example, Jaeger Infantry, Ranger, Paratrooper, Commando, Strike Team, Stealth Tank, Hover Tank and Surrogate Soldier.

Secret Identity : A unit with this skill will forgo the first attack it usually takes. Instead, it will undertake an attack from an undamaged unit of your army that does not have a secret identity.

If no such unit is left in your army, the attacked unit gets removed from battle instead. Win win.

Chivalry : The skill is used when we reach the High Middle Ages through Knights and the Late Middle Ages through Heavy Knights with Chivalry values of 3 and 5 respectively.

This skill increases both the attack and defense points when only chivalry units are in the army. Call of Duty : This special skill grants us an attack and defense bonus to all of our units when this unit is killed.

Note: This skill can only be applied once. Dug in : Units with this skill will gain a defense bonus if the attacker is a certain amount of fields away.

The distance will vary depending upon the unit. Die Schadenshöhe eines Angriffs berechnet sich aus den aktuellen Lebenspunkten und Angriffswert des Angreifers, dem Verteidigungswert des Angegriffenen, Modifikatoren für Terrain, anderen Boni einige Einheiten erhalten einen Bonus gegen bestimmte Klassen und einen Zufallsfaktor.

Demnach verursacht eine Einheit mit hohem Angriffswert mehr Schaden, und eine gesunde Einheit mehr als eine verwundete.

Andererseits bedeutet ein hoher Verteidigungswert gute Panzerung — die Einheit erleidet weniger Schaden. Wenn eine Einheit all ihre Lebenspunkte verliert, ist sie vernichtet.

Auf dem Schlachtfeld gibt es verschiedene Arten von Gelände. Wälder, Büsche, Felsen, Hügel, Gras und Sumpf sind einige davon. Der Untergrund hat zwei verschiedene Effekte im Spiel: Erstens beeinflusst er die Bewegung.

Wasser kann nicht passiert werden, und andere Gelände-Typen kosten zusätzliche Bewegungspunkte, wenn sie überquert werden.

Zweitens kann das Gelände Boni für die Einheiten bewirken: Leichte Einheiten erhalten Verteidigung in Büschen und Wäldern, Schwere Einheiten sind auf Gras besser geschützt, Artillerie-Einheiten erhalten einen Angriffsbonus auf Hügeln, Fernkampf-Einheiten verursachen mehr Schaden von Felsen.

Lediglich schnelle Einheiten erhalten keinen Gelände-Bonus. Die Statuswerte der Einheiten können weiterhin von prozentualen Schüben beeinflusst werden.

Der Kampf ist vorbei und deine Einheiten verletzt? Kein Problem — sie heilen sich mit der Zeit von selbst, Punkt für Punkt.

Vernichtete Einheiten heilen nicht, sondern sind verloren, wodurch ihr Slot im Militärgebäude frei wird und sie neu rekrutiert werden können.

Du hast jedoch die Möglichkeit, im Kampf gefallene Einheiten direkt im Anschluss mit Diamanten wiederzubeleben — dies kann nützlich sein, besonders wenn du eine "freie" Einheit verloren hast, die zu keinem deiner Gebäude zugehört und z.

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Meine Werkzeuge Anmelden. Tribal Wars Tribal Wars 2 The West Grepolis Elvenar Warlords of Aternum. Auge in Auge :.

Blast :. Drachenatem :. Greift eine Reihe von Feinden an, die sich bis zu 2 Felder weit hinter dem Ziel befinden können, ohne Vergeltungsschaden zu erhalten.

Eingraben :. Fliegend :. Geheimidentität :. Ignores stealth. With its Attack, it can one-hit any unit with less than 10 Defense. Its ability is annoying, though.

If it gets hit, it does not die if you have a non-Rogue unit. Instead, it randomly transforms into one of your remaining units that is not a Rogue.

If you do not have a non-Rogue member, it will die in one hit. This can work out nicely if the Rogue transforms into a Knight against an army of Crossbowmen, but not very nicely if it is far out and gets transformed into a Trebuchet, resulting in a quick death.

It takes no resources to train, but it takes 24 hours to train in a Rogue Hideout. It is similar to the fast unit above it with chivalry enabled, or just a fast unit in the current age with identical stats.

This makes all friendly units start a battle with one point of armor and does not stack, meaning one extra hit point per friendly unit and a total of 11 hit points for this unit.

It can be killed with two hits. This special unit costs coins and supplies, and takes 24 hours to train. In lower eras only special units have special skills, however those skills are common in regular units in higher ages.

Secret Identity Ignores first damage and transforms into another unit of your army. Dies instead, if you have no unit without secret identity remaining.

Morale All friendly units start a battle with 1 point of armor. Does not stack. Games Movies TV Video Wikis. Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. These bonuses are often similar for all units of a similar class but this is not always true especially in the Industrial Age Some classes gain bonuses against other classes, giving great advantage against them.

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Mounted Warrior Stable. Armored Infantry Barracks. Heavy Infantry Barracks. Great Sword Warrior Barracks. Imperial Guard Barracks. Mechanized Infantry Barracks.

Dug In Gains a 30 point defense bonus if attacker is more than 2 spaces away. Mechanized Artillery Factory.

Rapid Deployment Starts the battle in a random field on the map and acts before any other units. Stealth Hides in forest. Chivalry Gains a 7 point bonus to attack and defense when it is the only unit with chivalry in your army.

Call of Duty Grants a 4 point attack and defense bonus to all friendly units when this unit is killed. Only applicable once. Close Quarters Gains a 50 attack bonus when attacking an adjacent field.

Universal Tank Factory. Rocket Artillery Factory. Always retaliates against attacks. Dug In Gains a 20 point defense bonus if attacker is more than 2 spaces away.

Chivalry Gains a 8 point bonus to attack and defense when it is the only unit with chivalry in your army. Call of Duty Grants a 5 point attack and defense bonus to all friendly units when this unit is killed.

Flying Cannot be attacked by artillery units and ignores terrain when moving. Attack Helicopter Base. Rapid Deployment Starts the battle in a random field on the map and acts before any other unit.

Reactive Armor Cannot take more than 4 damage per attack. MIRV Hits targeted unit and between 1 and 3 additional units in range. One Shot Is removed from battle after attacking.

Dies when battle is lost. Call of Duty Grants a 6 point attack and defense bonus to all friendly units when this unit is killed. Always retaliates against any attacks within range.

Blast Gains attack bonus of 3 for each field closer to the target. Microwave Blaster Factory. Dug In Gains a 50 point defense bonus if attacker is more than 2 spaces away.

Chivalry Gains a 10 point bonus to attack and defense when it is the only unit with chivalry in your army. Call of Duty Grants a 8 point attack and defense bonus to all friendly units when this unit is killed.

Close Quarters Gains attack bonus when attacking an adjacent field of Blast Gains an attack bonus of 6 for each field closer to the target.

Stealth Hides on Plains. Recharge Fires every other turn only. Power Shot Ignores most defensive skills and terrain. Satellite Uplink Center.

Chivalry Gains a 12 point bonus to attack and defense when it is the only unit with chivalry in your army.

Call of Duty Grants a 10 point attack and defense bonus to all friendly units when this unit is killed. Dug In Gains a 60 point defense bonus if attacker is more than 2 spaces away.

Dragon Breath Attacks a row of enemies up to 2 tiles behind the target enemy without receiving retaliation. Reactive Armor Cannot take more than 3 damage per attack.

Battle Fortress Factory. Hides on Hills Stealth Force Field Absorbs damage points by 2, up to a minimum of 1 damage point.

Dug In Gains a 40 point defense bonus if attacker is more than 2 spaces away. Chivalry Gains a 14 point bonus to attack and defense when it is the only unit with chivalry in your army.

Call of Duty Grants a 12 point attack and defense bonus to all friendly units when this unit is killed. Hydroelectric Facility.

Swarm Units with Swarm get a 30 point bonus in defense when they are adjacent to other units with Swarm.

Flying Cannot be attacked by artillery units. Ignore terrain when moving. Poisoned units lose 1 HP every turn.



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