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SportsNation: Sports Trivia, Polls, Chat and More - ESPN. The old ESPN profile pages that lived at have been retired. He's a terrific NBA prospect who could end up going in the Top 10 if he plays at this high level all season." -chad-ford. In einem Internet Chat, von Sportsnation, antwortete Nick Mason auf die Frage vieler Sportwagen Fans, nebenbei wurde auch welche über Pink.

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SportsNation: Sports Trivia, Polls, Chat and More - ESPN. The old ESPN profile pages that lived at have been retired. In einem Internet Chat, von Sportsnation, antwortete Nick Mason auf die Frage vieler Sportwagen Fans, nebenbei wurde auch welche über Pink. Chat: Chat with Al Harrington - SportsNation - ESPN; ↑ Al Harrington traded for Stephen Jackson. In:, Juli Abgerufen am

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Dieser Artikel befasst sich mit dem Abschnitt SportsNation von "​The Morning Buzz" war die erste von vielen Chat-Sitzungen und fand an jedem. Stehen ein paar interessante Sachen drin. Und wenn man sich die Netsl mal so vorstellt, mit LeBron, Lopez. The Chronicle's John McClain is answering your Texans questions right now in his weekly Texas Sports Nation chat. Please leave your question for the General​. In einem Internet Chat, von Sportsnation, antwortete Nick Mason auf die Frage vieler Sportwagen Fans, nebenbei wurde auch welche über Pink. Mike, you're on NГ©met Lotto Super 6 today. Mike Boston Patriots Playhugelottos deserve this. Why does everyone think the weather is gonna help NE more than NY?

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Sportsnation Chat

To me the question is more whether teams pack it in on Chicago so much that the Bulls are no longer able to get to the free throw line so frequently.

That obviously wasn't the case in game one. Orlando has a crowded frontcourt with Gordon, Vucevic, Ibaka, Biyombo Hi Kevin, love your chats.

Here in Spain we're just going crazy about Luka Doncic. I know it's very early, since he's only gonna be eligible in , but have you already looked at him?

I haven't watched any film of him but I have glanced at his statistical translations, which are remarkable for someone who wasn't alive when Michael Jordan was playing for the Bulls.

So I'm definitely keeping an eye on him. Pachulia looked awful in his debut. What are the odds he is still the starting center when the playoffs start?

Pretty good, I think. While his weaknesses are obvious in terms of rim protection and help defense, Pachulia has been a useful player for a long time thanks to his skill and savvy.

I don't see Golden State's other centers emerging as a better option and I don't think Steve Kerr has much interest in starting a Death-like lineup.

Kevin, if you HAD to choose, would you rather the league expand or contract? There are obvious considerations for both more markets, talent dilution, parity, etc.

If you lived through your team moving like I did, you would never under any circumstance favor contraction. Is there any way to quantify the quality of a game?

Would be especially interesting if such a stat could be compared across different levels of competition, e. NCAA, European leagues. Or is gameplay quality a dreaded example of something that can be judged only by the eye test?

This is interesting in the context of the NFL quality of play debate. The issue in basically any team sport is that most results are a product of both offensive and defensive quality of play.

So higher offensive ratings don't necessarily mean better quality of play, for example. And the stats that are truly independent free throw shooting, most notable aren't necessarily an exact measure of quality.

Fewer turnovers are generally associated with better play, as are more dunks. But I'm not sure I'd want to apply that on a game-to-game basis.

James Young beat out R. Hunter for the last Celtics spot. Was there an argument for just getting rid of both of them and trying to find someone else?

I think given their depth it's much more likely that the Celtics had 16 NBA-quality players than With Yi getting waived, it looks like the frontcourt that everyone wants to see may come to Guangdong.

Can you think of a pairing that likes to launch midrange jumpers more than Boozer-Yi? Hi Kevin. Are you worried about the Warriors? Or is the first game just an indication that team chemistry will take time?

If they struggle again tonight I'll start to be a little more concerned. Is there a correlation between an increase with the pace of play leading to a decrease in defensive efficiency?

For example, the Rockets-Lakers game was extremely fast paced and there were times that it appeared no one was even trying on defense.

Yes, though it's somewhat difficult to tease out causation here. Do teams play faster because they know their half-court defense isn't very good?

The most surprising part of the Lakers season will be: 1 Ingram's quick development 2 Russell's improvement 3 Walton's effect on the team. Please pick one.

Are the Bulls stealth tanking? Cannot imagine other reasonable explanation to MCW, Rondo, Wade in a pace and space system such as Hoiberg's.

Does the 76ers performance on Wednesday change your opinion on how many games they may win this season? No, I think that a close loss at home to what should be a playoff team is pretty much in line with them winning around 25 games.

What are your thoughts on Walton having Ingram initiate the 2nd unit's offense as a de facto point guard? I'm a bit skeptical of Ingram's potential as a creator, but I think it makes sense to push him to grow his game this season.

In the short term, probably not that much since they've been a very good offensive team in the regular season. In the long term, yes, since he's so much younger than DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry.

If there was one untracked stat that you could get data on, what would it be and why? In other words, what is the most interesting or most important thing that is not captured by modern analytics data in your opinion?

SportVU captures so much that a lot of my answers as far as what's publicly available -- a lot of spacing stuff, basically -- is available to enterprising teams.

Going beyond that, maybe something to do with players' physiological states? I think Gordon's got a much better shot of developing into an average or better offensive player, particularly if he plays his best position power forward.

Is Dwayne Wade's recent hot 3-point shooting stretch dating back from last season's playoffs to yesterday's game any indication he might have developed a decent 3-point shot?

Or is it just fool's gold? As I said on today's TrueHoop pod out soon! Tom Haberstroh noted on Twitter yesterday that Wade is now of between the postseason, preseason and the season opener.

That's still not exactly a robust schedule but it is starting to suggest some kind of real change and not entirely a fluke.

Why do you think Mirotic keeps getting criticized over his defense? He isn't a defensive juggernaut by any means, but I saw him yesterday against the Celtics and he held his ground when they were attacking him one on one.

I think it has mostly to do with where he's from, what he looks like and his style of play on offense. Here's a deep cut: why can't Dorell Wright stick on an NBA roster?

I've thought the Cavs could use him since Lebron came back and believed he could challenge for rotation minutes with the Clippers. Over the last 5 seasons he has a positive BPM, a league average PER, about 0.

Wesley Johnson and Mbah a Moute are far inferior in all of these advanced stats. Is Wright a bad locker-room guy or teammate? I think I remember hearing some stories describing his enigmatic personality.

Thanks for still continuing to do these chats! I don't think that's it. Never heard about any issues with Wright in the Portland locker room -- in fact, if I recall correctly, he was praised for staying ready when he was out of the rotation in I think the biggest reason for the discrepancy is that coaches and scouts are less likely to trust 3-point specialists than metrics that value them for floor spacing.

What do you think about Satoransky? Seems to me the Wizards could use a player with his frame and skillset, but in the first game of the season he appeared to be behind Burke in the rotation.

I think it's less surprising he's behind Burke than Marcus Thornton at shooting guard. Thornton looked to be buying in defensively from what I saw last night, but that's never going to be a strength for him and it could be for Satoransky.

I wouldn't overreact to his poor shooting. He's not going to shoot 15 percent for a full season. But I do think we're seeing an extreme version of my concern that his individual inefficiency would cancel out a lot of the good things Turner does as a playmaker and improved defender.

Does your projection system weight the latter part of the season more when attempting to project into the future?

Seems like people always cherry pick when it comes to pointing out a great second half or x number of games. Is there any predictive power there or does it not matter when you control for other variables?

What I've found repeatedly is that looking at the full season has more predictive power than any individual segment of it.

So that is not considered. I was surprised by the Twitter outcry over this move. That's why. What is with the Jazz winning so much?

They are playing themselves right out of a top 3 pick. They have to trade away R. Jefferson and M. Williams before the deadline right?

Don't think it's Richard Jefferson or Marvin Williams who are putting them over the top. Jefferson has a He's helping them lose.

Williams essential breaks even. The rest of the players they have are all young building blocks that need the minutes. The truth is the Jazz have a very promising young core with Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter, Trey Burke and Alec Burks.

Those guys aren't going anywhere and are essentially a. Going to have to live with it Jazz fans. Will likely keep you out of the hunt for the No.

By the way. According to 82 games. What front court player are the Pistons most likely to move? The three of them all playing together has certainly backfired!

Well, Andre Drummond is untouchable. Josh Smith is virtually untradeable. That leaves Greg Monroe. He's going to be a restricted free agent next year which makes his value go down a little, but if the Pistons can grab a shooter and move Smith to the four, the should be better.

As a fan, how do I handle the cognitive dissonance recognizing that tanking is a smart strategy but hating it on principle?

Think you need to separate what the front office is doing from what the coach and players are doing. Coaches are coaching to win games.

Players are playing hard. Most of them are very competitive and have a lot of pride. Front office is trying to create the best possible future for the team.

As a fan, I think you can appreciate both at the same time. Has Wiggins' last 4 games or so corrected or uncorrected opinions about his offensive potential?

There's a reason I didn't follow the media line in November he doesn't practice hard! The raw tools are all there. The work ethic, character and intelligence are there.

He was taking more time than Parker, Randle or Smart out of the gate, but had such a higher upside.

Now, when schedules get tougher in conference play and the Big 12 is arguably the best conference in the NCAA this year suddenly it's Wiggins, not Parker or Randle or Smart, looking like the franchise player.

You have to be patient with 18 year olds and you can't judge guys by November and December. Derrick Rose and Anthony Davis didn't look like No.

Why you have to project out. Wiggins has always been worthy of the No. More College Football Andrea Adelson Brian Bennett Heather Dinich Brad Edwards Matt Fortuna Kevin Gemmell Mel Kiper Chris Low Ted Miller Adam Rittenberg David Ubben WeAreSC.

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